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CSP Consulting And CSCF Assessment

The entire SWIFT payments community suffers from highly sophisticated and organized cyberattacks, leading users to protect themselves against this cyber threat landscape by complying with the CSP suite of controls.

What Is CSP And CSCF?

Established by SWIFT, the CSP (Customer Security Program) establishes a common set of security controls, known as the Customer Security Control Framework (CSCF), designed to help users secure their local environments and promote a safer financial ecosystem.

Our CSP Services

ECS has the experience, capacity and certification to advise and assess you in compliance with the CSCF / CSP controls.


Our differentiating factor is the experience we have certifying our infrastructure at the ECS SWIFT Service Bureau.


We help you to identify the type of SWIFT architecture of your organization, we evaluate the risks and we validate the fulfillment of the controls to develop the roadmap that allows you to obtain the certification.


We are auditors approved by SWIFT to perform the CSP assessment, we evaluate and certify your organization in compliance with the requirements of the security controls framework for the client (CSCF).

¡ECS Fin Helps You With The Certification Of SWIFT CSP Controls!

ECS Fin provides comprehensive services that help banks and Swift users to address all compliance, design, implementation and operation requirements of the SWIFT infrastructure.

Impact Evaluation

We do the SWIFT risk assessment, review current mandatory controls, and provide a prioritization framework.

Soporte de implementación

En ECS Fin fortalecemos el punto final de los circuitos financieros con el establecimiento de la gobernanza, la ejecución de la implementación y las mejores estrategias de práctica de SWIFT.

Independent Evaluation

We can help you with the design, implementation and operation of the SWIFT infrastructure by reviewing and validating compliance with CSCF controls and issuing Certifications of independent assurance reports.

Risk Mitigation Planning

ECS Fin helps you develop a risk mitigation roadmap after diagnosing and identifying the gaps between mandatory and suggested controls.

SWIFT Architecture Types

SWIFT users must identify the type of architecture that suits the organization's infrastructure as well as the components according to the scope of the control framework:

Architecture A1

Both the messaging and communication interfaces belong to the Bank.

Architecture A2

Only the messaging interface belongs to the Bank. The Communication interface belongs to SWIFT or a Service Bureau.

Architecture A3

It uses a SWIFT connector since neither the messaging nor the communication interface belongs to the Bank. These interfaces are provided by Service bureau or SWIFT Services such as Alliance Cloud or Alliance Lite 2.

Architecture A4

It uses a Bank connector (Middleware system). The messaging and communication interfaces are provided by the Service bureau or by SWIFT.

Architecture B

The messaging and communication interfaces are provided by the Service bureau and not by SWIFT.



For The Due Date Of The SWIFT CSP

Users must attest before December 31, 2021
confirming CSP compliance with mandatory security control.


To improve the cybersecurity of financial networks, basic security controls are developed based on three general objectives. SWIFT users must initially comply with 22 controls (mandatory controls) out of 31. All security controls defined by SWIFT are applicable for SWIFT users to complete a secure payment processing chain.

We Design A Guide For You 🠓

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How Does ECS Fin Help?

As a certified SWIFT Service Bureau and Independent Assessment provider of certifications, ECS Fin can support you to ensure that the requirements for the evaluation and compliance of the CSP required by SWIFT are met through its consulting services and we can also certify you in its compliance.


Identification Of The Type Of Architecture

Apply Security Controls And

Measure The Current Organizational Environment To Meet The Control Objectives.