1. Download Cloud Solutions white paper

Our white paper details all the payment channels, supporting components, connectivity services, interfaces, dashboards, formats, protocols, and features for your technical team.

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3. Engage ECS Fin as an interim solution

Each module described above can work in a production environment instantly as an interim solution while due diligence exercises continue, in the pursuit of a long-term solution.


Receive and process millions of messages, files or documents from multiple channels and route to hundreds of systems in desired formats and protocols. Store enterprise data and link by transaction for data governance and Audit.

Corporate Onboarding

Banks can instantly connect to Corporate customers and take requests in STP mode.

Securities Service Bureau

Securities Processing in part or the complete Securities Processing Solution and supporting Services of an Investment Manager or Hedge Fund company can be outsourced to the ECS Cloud. Process confirmed trades and communicate with multiple custodians, prime brokers and banks with securities and money movement instructions.

Compliance on Cloud

Compliance check can be done on any type of message utilizing ECS Cloud Service for Compliance. Request to the service can be made using one of the many options available.

Payment Service Bureau

Payment Application in part or the complete Payment Solution and supporting Services of a bank or a corporate can be outsourced to the ECS Cloud. Move money through all channels using separate payment modules within the same framework.

Treasury Integration

Instant onboarding of Corporate Customers. Receive millions of payment instructions through files or other methods, validate, categorize, apply specific business rules for each category or type, transform, enrich and transmit to appropriate banks.