ECS Fin is now a Nacha Preferred Partner for Corporate Remittance and Data Routing.

ECS Fin, a transaction processing optimization company, pleased to announce that we are eagerly waiting for ‘’The Future of Payments Middle East and Africa Digi-conference‘’ scheduled on 6th April 2021. Well, this conference is hostedby Digi conference to discuss the implementation of the region’s payment systems, and how the adoption of ISO 20022 message standard can be driven forward. All the leaders from a payment service provider or corporate are cordially invited on 6th April 2021 

In the Fintech, communicating with different formats, protocols, messaging standards and existing legacy systems can end up creating misunderstandings which further can create errors that can further lead to disastrous consequences.  

What’s more? The breakdown of Covid-19 has ignited the spark of reliable payment systems. Most importantly, how banks need to adopt new messaging standards so that payments sector can successfully transform to be compliant with instant payment and ISO2002. 

Dealing with Pressure 

As of now, regulators and financial institutions have been pressurized to advance the payment market infrastructure in order to generate a recipe that works with multiple payment schemes around the world. ECS Fin is hot to trot to take up this opportunity and help financial institutions and corporates to foster the appropriate level of disruptive growth and seamlessly adopt the new wave of development.  

We are well equipped with a sophisticated and well-organized solution that can comply with regulations, combat the risk of fraud, and meet customer demands. With all the developments taking place, PSD2 and ISO 20022, to name a few, IMS suits of solutions deliver real-time payment services worldwide.  

Ushering in a new world of possibility for delivering 24*7 domestic and cross-border payments, often produces several challenges and complications. Financial institutions in the region need to go beyond to reform the prevalent business models and adopt the latest standards and systems.  

The news comes after the recent decision by Swift to adopt ISO 20022 messaging standards to deliver real-time data processing in financial markets. The ECS Fin is another step forward for integrating traditional finance with decentralized technology, the release stated. 

Jacob Aruldhas, CEO of ECS Fin, said the industry is shifting to “a new digital asset paradigm.’’ We have come up with a series of software applications to implement optimize methods of transaction processing, trade settlement, and money management.” 

Future of Payments: Digi Conference 

To accelerate the adoption program for Instant Payment System and ISO 20022, the Future of Payments Middle East and Africa Digi conference scheduled the conference for regional C-suite executives from central banks, leading banks, and financial services sector from across the Middle East and Africa region.  

This program will help to: 

  • Access to the target’s market strategies spectrum 
  • Get insights for upcoming digital projects that stand a chance of being shortlisted. 
  • Brand Awareness Opportunities 
  • Better and strong leads 
  • Get first-hand insights into which payment technologies the BFSI sector is evaluating for current and future investment. 

About ECS Fin 

ECS Fin is a fintech firm that designs and develops software solutions with a systems approach to transaction processing. Founded in 1999 as a consulting firm, ECS  advised many fortune 100 companies, coordinating business divisions and technology groups. 

We observed the difficulties faced by its customers dealing with multiple products from different vendors that offer department-centric applications resulting in fragmented processing that calls for fragile integration services and unwarranted travel of data between systems.  

ECS Fin delivers IMS solutions combining processing modules, supporting components, and connectivity services taking into consideration the complete life cycle of a transaction bringing efficiency and lean in processing while ensuring accountability to every message/transaction of an enterprise.