May 27, 2020


RPP Phase 2 implementation made faster and smoother-LIVE WEBINAR on 27th May

Have you increased your traffic volumes ever since you adopted RPP Phase 1? Have you experienced issues related to performance or request-time out? Are you able to prioritize your requests based on counterparty bank performance? If your answer is no to any of these questions, it is time to look into the ECS Fin’s Payment Platform.

With the deadline for implementing the second phase of Realtime Retail Payments Platform getting closer, it’s crucial for the banks in Malaysia to strengthen their roadmap by identifying the most efficient solution which fits perfectly in their payment ecosystem and does not create a major overhaul in their present architecture. ECS Fin has successfully and smoothly implemented the phase 1 of RPP in 2 of the few major banks in Malaysia and therefore we are pleased to invite you for an enriching session to present our approach for the next phase of RPP on 11th May, 2020 through a LIVE WEBINAR.

IMS Payments, ECS Fin’s flagship payment platform, supports the RPP module (phase 1 & 2) to help banks become part of this real-time payments ecosystem in Malaysia. IMS payments platform is capable of handling all types of payment modules (FPX, SWIFT, RENTAS, IBG and other related modules) outlined by Bank Negara, Malaysia.   

Please register yourself for the Webinar using the following link.

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