Skill Set: Kafka, KSQL

Strong fundamentals in distributed systems design and operations
Deep understanding of different messaging paradigms (pub/sub, queuing), as well as delivery models, quality-of-service, and fault-tolerance architectures
Knowledge of messaging protocols and associated APIs
Experience with microservice architecture and the reactive model
Strong background in integration patterns
Hands-on production experience and a deep understanding of the Kafka architecture and components (Brokers, Zookeeper, Producers/Consumers, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams)
Strong fundamentals in Kafka administration, configuration, and troubleshooting
Knowledge of Kafka clustering, and its fault-tolerance model supporting HA and DR
Practical experience with how to scale Kafka, KStreams, and Connector infrastructures, with the motivation to build efficient platforms
Experience with Kafka Streams / KSQL architecture and associated clustering model
Hands-on experience as a developer who has used the Kafka API to build producer and consumer applications
Experience with developing KSQL queries and best practices of using KSQL vs KStreams

Job Code: ECS-

Experience: 5 Years+

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